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K. TaShee Beginnings

K. TaShee was born when I finally accepted the fact that lotion just was not cutting it for my skin. Especially in these not so friendly winter NYC months. My skin would be dry after 15 minutes of the air hitting my skin. I started researching and using good ole' trial and error to see which oils are better absorbed by our skin and what healing properties they have to offer. 

When my best friends would come over they'd always use my oils for their skin. They would tell me how great it left their skin feeling. My best friend Tee would use our Lemint To Be in her locs and my partner at the time started using our Lavender up & Be Rosemary to soothe his seborrheic dermatitis. 

I was so excited that my oils were making such a positive impact, that I started researching other natural products. This is how our Pore It Up Cleansing Toner and Cocoa Cure Facial Mask were created. I've been using these products for years and I love the results I've gotten from using products that I know are safer for my body.

I hope that you enjoy my products as much as I do! There is so much more to come...


- Kymmi